What I learned from Saenchai’s Instagram feed

Even when you’re awesome, keeping it fun keeps me watching

I have no idea if this is the official, personal whatever, but Saenchai’s Instagram feed is the one I love. Why? Because he’s having fun and doesn’t post stupid motivational memes.

Saenchai Instagram

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A more detailed look I suppose:

  • It’s a mix of action, personal, and casual life shots. We follow him because he’s amazing at Muay Thai, so there’s a good dose of that, but there’s just enough family and other to round out our image of him without being narcissistic or distracting.
  • It’s largely candid, and the pro shots look like media, not his own pro team. I could be wrong about it, but it doesn’t matter, because that’s what it seems like. It gives an organic, genuine feel. Also he’s not afraid to just be him, and isn’t that one of the core confidence boosts we hope training gives us?
  • The captions are simple and positive. “Training.” “Ready.” Nothing too dramatic, yet the videos can beĀ  dramatically impressive. Even when he’s screwing around, the confidence speaks for itself. How often have you seen quotes like, “The most dedicated warriors make brothers through Spartan hardship and never-ending pain and sacrifice,” and then it’s some dude, hands down, who can barely throw up a double kick?

If you’re gonna put up dramatic quotes, you better be dramatically good. Even then…yeah, just don’t do it. Be like Saenchai.

sanechai candid

Sanechai casual and cute

I’ve embraced that our new modes of media have a certain degree of self-absorption because it can be helpful and motivating and all the rest.

But if we keep the superlatives and lion metaphors to a minimum, we may get more truth, which should motivate us more than the dream if we have real courage.

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