Don’t worry about level

Today doesn’t matter in the long run. Be a good person.

I was at the MKG Instructor Conference this week, which dovetailed into a Dan Inosanto seminar, so naturally I stayed over for some of it and was really looking forward to working with a variety of very skilled people; the level in that room was astronomical. However, I found myself spending a fair amount of time working with someone less experienced.

Given how much over the course of the week I was helped in turn, at this venue in particular it would be rather hypocritical to brush someone off. This got me thinking about priorities and values in our training life, and Josh Prior of MKG Madison, WI was kind enough to get on camera and say some words about it.

One thing I wanted to mention and maybe write more about later…I don’t help people to get off on being a teacher or to feel good about my level. I just value making people comfortable over maximizing my own advancement. Think hard about why you still do martial arts if you’re not a little disappointed you had to be the teacher that day.

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