Instructor Playtime

Let’s not wait for seminars to bring us together

At the recent Maul Mornie seminar in Detroit, I was delighted that it brought people from all over: East Coast, Chicagoland, Minneapolis, and Toronto. I of course took the opportunity to film and play around with those who could spare the time.

But we all agreed that playing around, getting reps, and building skill with those with more experience or with different energy is something that we don’t get enough of. We tend to meet at seminars, where the focus is somewhere else and many have to look after their own students.

Why not have an event where playing around IS the seminar?

instructor playtime

A sample poster for such an event. Let’s get better together!

Actually get the reps we’re told we need to get in and tell our students: reaction-based drills, drills with multiple options, sparring, flow, etc…with an experienced partner/good feeder.

No distractions of competing or looking good in front of potential customers (I don’t have a problem with this, but I get that others might).

Not worrying about new curriculum, maybe a 10-minute intro for each topic by a relative expert in the group to give some focus, and then off to the races.

Then dinner and talk about some common business/teaching interests to raise the level of the water for everyone.

We’re thinking of doing one around a major seminar next year, but why not hold some smaller local ones to iron out the wrinkles? Year-end schools can get empty so it’s easier to get away in your own town. Then we can coordinate something on a larger scale.

I’ve had the privilege of working with many great martial artists. Let’s give each other that same opportunity!

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