Kent Nelson on Learning & Teaching

Kent Nelson on learning, teaching, and being a pioneer in the digital space

Finally had some time to film and sit down and talk with Kent Nelson on learning by himself, figuring how to teach, and what works for him.

We talk his learning history, distance learning via seminars, and how he pieced together all the information to make a coherent whole for himself and to pass to his students.

He also talks about being a pioneer on YouTube and developing his online learning platform, connecting with people across the country, and how to get past insecurities to just get on with it, being the best you can be at the time.

And a shout out to friend of the show Shawn Kitzman!

Also, make sure to check out his Weapons Camp Aug 19-20, 2017

Weapons Camp Aug 19-20, 2017

Train with me!

See the interview below:

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