Bill McGrath on Power

Bill McGrath on power generation

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Bill McGrath at DMA

Bill McGrath at DMA. Click for video.

After this week’s video with Archie Luz on how to throw a harder body shot, I thought I’d release this interview clip of one of the hardest-hitting people I know, Tuhon Bill McGrath.

While I admire Archie’s power and movement, he’s a beast of an athlete and trains like an athlete. Tuhon Bill, despite education in other arts—I’m a little ignorant of precisely how much—effectively just does kali, particularly Pekiti Tirsia.

Many martial artists who only train weapons or very artistic styles just can’t hit hard, and Tuhon Bill is a great example of someone who not only generates breathtaking power, but has a heaviness and urgency to all his movement, whether a grab, parry, or punch. You don’t have to do cross fit to be strong!

I used to do some impact training with the weapons to supplement my bag work, and seeing Tuhon Bill again recently at Dallo Martial Arts reminded me to put it back in, not only to develop power, but because it’s really fun.

Train with me!

If you have a safe platform such as tires, throw some stick blitzes into your conditioning and see how students:

  • pick up the intensity and focus
  • develop power in all their strikes
  • recover from strikes quickly and deliberately
  • get winded very quickly
  • preserve their wrists a little better
  • have a great time

Something about the stick, even if they don’t train with weapons, brings out an intuitive purposefulness. It feels more serious, so they’ll focus and move with intent and try to deliver maximum power without leaving anything in the gas tank, which is what you want, whether your goal is fitness or combat.

Work out with the KoL Kickboxing app:

Check out the video:

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