Bruce Lee speed training

Speed training mistake

Speed training while sore is not only frustrating, but less beneficial Can’t triple parry? Maybe you’re too slow. #fasthands #wingchun #jeetkunedo #jkdconcepts #kali #panantukan #dirtyboxing #martialarts #boxing #fitness #karate #muaythai #savate #kickboxing #getyourrepsin #shadowboxing #kungfu #kickoflegend A video posted by Kick Of Legend (@roywangf) on Mar 31, 2016 at 8:24am PDT So another totally unscientific[…]


Is running impact conditioning?

If you pay for it with pain, you may want to treat running like impact conditioning Ever get that tingling in your wrists and forearms after even a light but long day of hitting? Feel something similar in your knees, quads, or calves after some road work? Tens of thousands of little collisions with the[…]

farzana happy training smile

Happy training

Happy training requires gratitude and realistic expectations I made a video the other day on my golden period of training, and how I may reflect on these days as another golden time. But I’m training much less, not as hard, and of course I’m older, so what makes me think this? Part of it is[…]

Kick of Legend

How to get good training 2 hours a week

You won’t get good training 2 hours a week, so time to re-calibrate expectations Shit, did I just break my rule about over-promising headlines? If you’re casually training MMA and are only able to make it in twice a week for an hour, what is that, an hour of Muay Thai and an hour of[…]

Kombat Arts Mississauga

Building a successful gym: Kombat Arts & Joey de los Reyes

Advice from Joey de los Reyes, head trainer at Kombat Arts in Mississauga, ON on building a successful gym When I first met Joey de los Reyes’s group the first thing that struck me was their friendly demeanor. Having driven 4 hours to attend a seminar that evaporated due to miscommunication, they took it in[…]

body hardening by beating

Body hardening. Bullshit.

Body hardening is like buying volcano insurance–if it turns out you need it, you’ve already lost Still on the tail end of sickness, this seems like an apt topic. Like many kung fu enthusiasts, in my youth I explored ways to mimic what we saw on film and those secretive masters behind their red doors[…]

your martial arts dollar

Your martial arts dollar

With a few seminars coming to town in March, I thought I’d write about how to get the most out of your martial arts dollar, and if you teach, how to advise your students for a better long-term relationship. First thing’s first: pay your teacher on time. They don’t write off aging-AR, they just close[…]

Sick day training

Sick day training

Sick day training is solo training. Or you’re a selfish asshole. Since it’s cold & flu season and I’m home with my daughter with a cough and runny nose, may as well write about sick day training now. Most modern employers are finally coming around to the idea that it’s better to stay home than[…]