muay thai

Stop talking about yourself, ask about them

Stop talking about yourself! Learn about prospects by asking questions. You may be an expert in martial arts, but you’re not an expert in what a prospect wants. Too often this is the pitch, “Here we do xxx under yyy’s lineage” and then an implied question is left hanging that I guess is, “(please) would[…]

social martial artist

The Social Martial Artist. It’s okay.

The Social Martial Artist — I’ve become what I used to make fun of — and couldn’t be happier So back when we were training harder, we all remember the people who would hang out and talk more than get their reps in. Like getting weaker, fatter, or less tough (not that I was EVER[…]

marketing bullshit

The one thing that’s absolutely killing your blog credibility and making the world a shittier place

Stop writing blockbuster headlines for prosaic content Too meta? I understand the grind of using articles for traffic, revenue, and marketing, but aren’t you tired of the same let down time after time–an article promising punchy, life-changing wisdom only to be met not just with the same old information, but worse than an article you[…]