UFC 200 — stacked and sucked

If I weren’t hanging out with people I liked, UFC 200 would have been a miserable time.

UFC 200…lots of surprisingly positive write ups. I’m going to dissent. A card that looked good on poster but severely under delivered, with a splash of sideshow for good measure.

First thing, great headlining fight. Glad to see: a. a women’s fight get a virtual knock out, and b. two people actually going for it.

UFC 200 Nunes

Nunes dropping the bombs at UFC 200

I liked watching Brock Lesnar work his positions with some deliberateness; clearly he has been training. I liked watching Anderson Silva still trying some new things despite generally having a tough time. There has been some criticism on Cormier for taking it easy on Silva. I applaud him for having the presence of mind to ease up and not grind out and humiliate one of the greatest ever taking the fight on short notice. Actually, I was remarking during the fight, “Does he really need to be disrupting the airway at this point?” as he kept covering the mouth. Silva quite frankly looked tired enough. But at least he refrained from surfing his elbow all over Silva’s face.

UFC 200 aldo edgar

Jose Aldo: not going for it, but still has it.

Other than that, I think Frankie Edgar was the only person who showed up wanting to fight. Everyone else showed up anywhere from wanting to win to not wanting to lose. And this will be an interesting question as we move forward with changes from the sale of the organization. Will the next level make it more entertaining or more political?

Is out pointing your opponent going to be the new normal? At least throw in some interesting moves then. There’s this YouTube channel I’ve heard of that can help with that. Oh, and stop shitting on taekwondo or point karate.

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