Back to school, back to class

Do you and your kids take the summer off from training? Take advantage of sales and specials to get back to it!

Kombat Arts back to school

Lots of specials around, such as this one at our friend Kombat Arts. Click for link.

MKG Detroit back to school

Or maybe just get back yourself. Click for link at MKG Detroit.

As my own daughter approaches the age of taking lessons for something, I started wondering, “am I the only parent who thinks my time could be better spent while she’s doing this?” Even if she took gymnastics or ballet I’d rather learn some myself once I’d established the class was suitable.

Life seems to move faster these days, and as people attempt to live more actualized lives, back to school can mean even more of a time crunch, depending on your lifestyle and priorities.

So here’s my poll which I will later publish, to hopefully help your local gyms provide programs that better suit your needs:

[democracy id=”2″]

Not getting to class enough? How about the Kick of Legend workout app?

See shadow boxing, partner, and heavy bag versions of drills

See shadow boxing, partner, and heavy bag versions of drills. Click for link.


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