What to work on – sparring and hubad

Not sure what to work on? Find out in flow

There’s so much to work on even with a ‘basic’ art such as Muay Thai that it can be hard to make sure our training is complete and optimized. While ‘work on everything’ is true, it’s glib and not particularly useful.

First of all, goals matter. Training to fight? How far out is it? This will dictate what you need to do. If you have no BJJ game, skip the advanced X-guard class and go for a run and you’re actually being more productive.

what to work on hubad

Hubad is a great way to get reps in flow and let you know what you need more work on. Click for video

Most of us are just generally seeking to be better martial artists, and the strategy is focus on strengths, give some attention to weaknesses, and improve stuff that we like.

Seminars or themes in class can often stimulate focus, but one sure way to find out what you NEED to work on, whether that’s drilling, attributes, or whatever, is to see what’s coming out in sparring or hubad. Did you need a technique that didn’t come out? Did you not know or forget what to do? Did you start but not finish?

Easy answer. More reps of that.


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